This press release of Belorussian Party of freedom have to explain who we are and what we are fighting for.


Belarusian Party of Freedom - conservative patriotic party, which joines people who want radical changes in politics, economics and culture of Belarusian State and its independance.

B.P.F. fights not just against government but also with their russian owners.

B.P.F. thinks that national-patriotic struggle - the one way to destroy Communist Russian dictatorship.

B.P.F. was not registered by illegal regime and are prosemted by government.

The social base of B.P.F. :
a) politically active youth
b) working unions, espessialy miners
c) belarussian sports fans
d) veterans of Afganistan war

B.P.F. includes small national-patriotic, national-democratic groups.

B.P.F. fights against growth of russian fascism in Belarus.

B.P.F. creates movement for liberation (radical opposition). Leader of B.P.F. S.Vysotsky was born and grew up in Mensk. He was grduated from Belarusian Pedagogical University (department "Politology, history and law"). When he was a student he started to oranize Belarusian Party of Freedom. He won local elections two times, and in 1996 he won Parliament elections. He organized many oppositional actions and he is one of the leaders of Belarusian liberation movement.

Mailing adress of B.P.F. :
Minsk 220073 P.O. Box 286
Phone : 375-17-2541914, 375-17-2622261, 375-17-2102283.
Mailing adress of Sergei Vysotsky:
Minsk 220090 Kramskogo St. 16-14.

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Activity and Status of BPF — article, that shows what we have already done. It's history of our latest period.

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